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Advocacy and research – February 2021

February 2, 2021

Help make food allergy a priority with the federal government by writing a letter to your MP. Participate in an important research study on the psychological health needs of living with food allergy. Plus, check out our mythbuster on whether food allergen labelling laws apply to all products.

There is still time to help #MakeFoodAllergyCount!

Thanks to those of you who have written a letter to your Member of Parliament (MP). With your help we have reached over 40 MPs and have elevated the food allergy conversation.

Parliament is now back in session and the Standing Committee on Finance is resuming their discussions and considerations for the 2021 federal budget in the coming weeks. We need your support to make sure food allergy is a priority in the final budget!

Please write a letter to your local MP today and ask them to support our 2021 pre-budget submission. In our letter template below, we have included the email addresses for the Minister of Finance, Minister of Health, and the Chair of the Finance Committee to ensure they hear directly from you as well. Your voice helps us elevate our advocacy. The budget we are seeking will help us act on the key initiatives outlined in our National Food Allergy Action Plan. Please help us make food allergy a priority with the federal government by writing to your MP.

Pam with her son
Pam and her son Ethan

“My MP was very clear; if as a community we wish to make food allergy a topic of conversation, then it is critical for many individuals and families all over Canada to speak to their MPs. As he said to me, ‘I will mention this to our Health Minister and she will listen, thus putting it on her radar. But can you imagine the impact it will have on her if ten MPs come to her with the same message? The more voices on this issue, the greater interest she will have in this issue.”

Pam Isaak, food allergy mom and support group leader

We need to keep up the momentum over the next few weeks! Use our letter template to write a letter in 5 minutes and help to #MakeFoodAllergyCount!

Write a letterWrite to your MP today

Please reach out to your local MP today and ask them to support our 2021 pre-budget submission. Personalize the letter template below!

National Food Allergy Action Plan framework2021 budget submission

Read our 2021 budget submission to the federal government. It requests a modest commitment to initiate the National Food Allergy Action Plan.

Get inspired by Pam’s family

Read how one family helped to #MakeFoodAllergyCount by writing to their MP – it was easy to do, and they made a real impact in their community!

Research: Participate in a study on the psychological health needs of living with food allergy and access to care

An international study, by researchers in Europe, Canada, and the U.S., is looking at the psychological health needs, including stress, worry, anxiety and depression, related to living with food allergy, and access to care.

There is still time to have your say

If you have a food allergy or are a parent of a child with food allergy, you are invited to participate in this study. Thanks to those of you who have already participated!

How to participate

You’ll be asked to take an online survey, which will take 20-30 minutes to complete. To participate, you or your child must have a food allergy diagnosis by a medical doctor.

Mother and child cute little girl resting on her mother's shoulder

Take the parent survey if you have a child with food allergy

Your participation in this study is vital to providing the researchers with insights on the psychological health care needs of patients with food allergy and their families, and the services being offered. It will also help patient organizations like ours advocate for greater mental health supports.

Mythbuster – Do food allergen labelling laws apply to all products?

FACT: Health Canada’s food allergen labelling regulations only apply to pre-packaged foods. This means that the common name of the priority food allergens, gluten sources (wheat, triticale, barley, rye, oats) and added sulphites must be included on the label of these products if they are used as ingredients. There are different requirements for non-food products like vitamins, skin cream and hair products, pet food, and craft supplies. Since these items can contain food allergens, it’s important to read the label every time and contact the manufacturer if more information is needed.

Learn more

Help us educate your communities and share this mythbuster with them! Find more mythbusters at foodallergycanada.ca/mythbusters. 

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