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Parents and caregivers

Find practical and credible information and resources for parents and caregivers of children with food allergy.

Young parents with only child relaxing on the sofa in the living room.

Below you will find practical and credible information and resources to help you and your child confidently manage food allergy. Select a topic area to learn more.

Early introduction of allergens

Recommendations for the introduction of common allergens to infants have changed as research has emerged on ways to help prevent the development of food allergies in babies.

Educating other caregivers

The more that family and friends understand your child’s allergies, the more they can support your child and help to keep them safe.

Cute little girl with painted hands. Isolated on grey background.Special needs

When a child has a dual diagnosis of a developmental delay or other condition in addition to food allergy, parents have to take extra steps to ensure the child’s safety.

Childcare centres

Prepare for sending your child to a childcare centre and learn how to confidently manage food allergy through this life transition.

Elementary, middle school/junior high

Everything you need to know about managing food allergy through kindergarten all the way to middle school. For high school, visit the Teens and Young Adults section.

Children’s parties

Learn how to navigate play dates, parties, and other activities.

  • Personalized webinars
    Our trained parent mentors are here to help you learn how to manage food allergy with confidence. Through free 90-minute small group webinars, they’ll teach you the basics of food allergy, risk reduction, symptom recognition and emergency management. There will also be time to ask them questions.

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