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Corporate Ambassador Program

Become a Corporate Ambassador and help to make food safety a priority!

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Food Allergy Canada provides a unique offering within the Canadian marketplace that aims to assist companies with food allergy-related issues that directly impact their business. We are committed to working with companies to help them better understand and respond to the needs of consumers with food allergy through ongoing engagement and collaboration.

By working together with key stakeholders in the Canadian food industry to make allergen management a food safety priority, our goal is to help increase access to accurate ingredient information so consumers can make safe, informed food choices.

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Ambassador Program offering

The Ambassador Program has many offerings, including:

1. Facilitating discussions on current and emerging issues in food allergy. This includes our annual industry roundtable, invitations to participate in industry-related initiatives, and more.

2. Keeping you up-to-date on the latest development on consumer behaviour/trends, medical research, and policy consultations. Ambassadors will receive our semi-annual newsletter, bulletins with key issues, and have an annual meeting with us to discuss your company’s food allergy-related initiatives.

3. Supporting educational efforts for consumers and the food industry. This includes supporting efforts to educate consumers on Canadian labelling requirements and work with the food industry to increase awareness of Canadian allergen regulations.

4. Providing access to Food Allergy Canada’s consumer base. With over 150k impressions through our consumer database, social media channels, and more, Ambassadors can reach a growing market with important allergy-related safety messaging and have opportunities to leverage our base for research purposes.

5. Consultation and education services. Get exclusive consultation services on company-specific issues or product development initiatives, including employee training, assistance with issues management, public relations consultation and more.

Ambassador Program benefits

By participating in our Ambassador Program you are helping to support the over 3 million Canadians and their families impacted by food allergy and help drive change to improve food allergy-related safety in the Canadian food industry by:

  • Demonstrating your corporate commitment to creating food safety practices for allergen risk management & precautionary allergen labelling
  • Participating in discussions/initiatives on emerging allergy-related issues
  • Working with key stakeholders in developing best practices for Canadian food manufacturers
  • Demonstrating leadership in the Canadian food industry
  • Gaining recognition with brand loyal consumers as a company that prioritized food safety

For more information on the Corporate Ambassador Program, please contact us at info@foodallergycanada.ca or call 1 866 785-5660. You can also fill in the request form below.

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