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Registration: “All about food allergy” school program

This program is curriculum-linked and medically reviewed. Register to download the materials for your class.

The knowledge and skills students gain with this program directly supports my goal to have an inclusive school environment for all students.

– Bonnie H., Principal

Program overview

All about food allergy is a free, medically-reviewed and curriculum-linked program for grades 4-6 that will help develop the knowledge and skills students need to support the health and well-being of self and others.  

Why this program is important 

Food allergy affects over 600,000 Canadian children, equivalent to 3 children in a classroom of 30. 

For details on the program, download our information sheet.

With a medical condition connected to food, preventing reactions and staying safe is a shared responsibility. Yet, research shows kids with food allergy face bullying and social exclusion solely because of their medical condition, and that there are substantial gaps in the understanding and management of food allergy. 

Through the All about food allergy program, teachers can play a pivotal role in significantly closing these gaps and empowering the next generation. 

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